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Super-premium maintenance croquette (14kg)

14 kg


A balanced croquette that corresponds to the specific needs of overweight, sterilized or senior dogs? Is it feasible?


The maintenance croquette is a highly digestible extruded food specifically formulated for these pathologies. Balanced in amino acids, essential fat acids and vitamins, this super-premium croquette will make sure your dog keeps an ideal fitness weight. Its numerous natural assets, such as grape extract (anti-aging), borage or beet pulp will help your dog digest well and will postpone aging effects.

Also available in 4 kg packaging

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Made in France, with French raw materials such as duck from south western France (region known for its quality and excellence in duck products like foie gras)


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Notre composition

Les recettes de Daniel® super-premium maintenance is a complete food made with rigorously selected raw materials: nutritional and gustatory qualities on top of the selection process.

Les recettes de Daniel® super-premium maintenance is specially formulated for overweight or low activity dogs. It brings together all essential nutrients that contribute in maintaining your dog’s natural defenses and its balanced recipe contribute to a good function of the urinary system and to maintain its fitness weight.

Complete food for elder dogs

-          Vitality and fitness weight: a balanced recipe, with oligo-elements, vitamins and fibers that contribute to an easy digestion and help in maintaining a fitness weight

-          Boosted immune system: the grape extract content reinforce the natural immunity and postpones aging effects

-          Digestion and appetence: duck meat is extremely digestible (>90%) and duck fat naturally favors appetence

-          Dentition: the texture and hardness of the croquette push your dog to masticate and thus prevents the appearance of tartar


Corn, dehydrated meat 27% (including 90% duck), beet pulp, barm, animal protein hydrolysate, clay, salt, DL Methionine, quillaja saponaria (limits bad smells), grape extract (natural antioxidant that fights aging effects)

Wet metabolizable energy: 3379 kcal/kg

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 22%, crude fat 11%, humidity 9%, crude cellulose 1,85%, crude ashes 7%

Nutritional additives

E672/vitamin A 16000 Ul/kg, E671/vitamin D3 1200 Ul/kg, vitamin E 250 mg/kg, E2/iodine 1,2 mg/kg, E4/copper 13,8 mg/kg, E6/zinc 120 mg/kg, E8/selenium 0,24 mg/kg, E5/manganese 40,8mg/kg. Technological additives: with conservatives and antioxidants, binders: E562/meerschaum 13240 mg/kg, binders E558/montmorillonite 3700 mg/kg


Please refer to the quantity chart below to serve your dog’s meal. This table is given for information and fits the needs for an adult dog with normal activity. Feel free to adapt the daily ration to your dog’s specific needs. If this food is new to your dog act as follow: progressively mix this new food with the former one and always leave a fresh water bowl at your dog’s disposal.

Recommended daily intake (in grams per day)

Small dog (5kg)

115 g

Medium dog (10 to 15 kg)

180-240 g

Large dog (20 to 35 kg)

290-415 g

Very large dog (40 to 80 kg)

460-720 g