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Super-premium food for large breed puppies – Duck (14kg)

14 kg


Your puppy’s growth is paramount, from 2 to 12 months, your puppy develops its bone and muscle masses

Les recettes de Danielduck based food ensure the necessary contribution for protein, fat, vitamins and calcium needs.

Being a super-premium item, “Les recettes de Daniel” for puppies are made with duck meat (from Southwestern France, region known for its tradition in duck cuisine and products such as “foie gras”), ultra-digestible, naturally appetent source of proteins.

This product is also available in a 4kg format

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Made in France, from French raw material, duck from South Western France


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“Les recettes de Daniel®” puppy super premium – duck is a complete food made with quality raw materials, rigorously selected for their nutritive and gustatory values.

“Les recettes de Daniel® » puppy super premium – duck is specially formulated for puppies. It brings all nutrients that contribute to a harmonious growth for your puppy and maintain its natural barriers. This product is also adapted to dogs in gestation or lactation that have high nutritive needs during these periods.

Complete duck food for puppies

-          Bones: adapted calcium, phosphor and Vitamin D contents to favor a solid frame

-          Muscular development: the high protein proportion (29%) contributes to develop your puppy’s muscle mass during its growth

-          Energy: Perfectly balanced and rich in fatty acids

-          Natural barriers: contribution in Vitamin E and oligo elements that help maintain natural defenses

-          Digestibility and appetence: duck is extremely digestible (>90%) and duck fat naturally favors appetence

Ingredients: corn, wheat, dehydrated duck, duck fat, dehydrated salmon, rice, barm, beet pulp, animal proteins hydrolysate, clay, salt
Wet metabolizable energy: 3450kcal / kg

Analytical constituents: crude protein (29%), crude fat (14%), humidity (9%), crude cellulose (2%), crude ashes (7,7%), calcium (1,4%), phosphor (1,1%)

Nutritional additives: E672/vitamin A 20000 Ul/kg, E671/vitamin D3 2000 Ul/kg, vitamin E 530 mg/kg, E2/iodine 2,3 mg/kg, E4/copper 22,8 mg/kg, E6/zinc 248 mg/kg, E8/selenium 0,4 mg/kg, E5/manganese 68 mg/kg. Technological additives: With preservatives and antioxidants, binders E562/meerschaum 14813 mg/kg, binders E558/montmorillonite 3700 mg/kg.

Manual: Please refer to the quantity chart below to serve your puppy’s meal. This table is given for information and fits the needs for a puppy with normal activity. Feel free to adapt the daily ration to your dog’s specific needs. If this food is new to your puppy act as follow: progressively mix this new food with the former one and always leave a fresh water bowl at your puppy’s disposal.