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Extra ferret super-premium croquettes (3,5 kg)

3,5 kg


Extra ferret is a product enriched in fresh poultry meat that respects the original diet of your ferret.

With a high protein proportion and a right balance in fat items, this food insures a total digestibility and considerably diminish allergenic risks.

Neatly integrated during the manufacturing process, the prebiotics preserve the intestinal flora and the overall well-being of your ferret.

Rice is our unique cereal/grain source. This ancient cereal is also the only one perfectly digested by ferrets, this is why we selected it (in small proportions) to create this super-premium.


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Notre composition

Veterinary’s opinion: Doctor Marien (France)

“Ferret is a specific animal. Strictly carnivorous and equipped with a low performance digestive system, meat would be the most legitimate food for it.

Although, in practice it is very difficult to provide a meat product that meets all requirements of its physiology. Studies proved that most BARF diets lead to alimentary deficiencies. A diet from preys or BARF (fresh meat prepared at home) require extreme rigor when it comes to the quality of the raw materials or supplements. Very few croquettes on the market meet the ferret’s needs exactly. Thanks to our experience and our knowledge about ferrets, we thus realized “the croquette” specially dedicatedto ferrets and that corresponds them best. The one that answer each of its requirements and particularities”


Dehydrated poultry protein 30%, rice, fresh poultry 10%, dehydrated rabbit protein 10%, poultry fat, meat hydrolysate, dehydrated beet pulp, linseed, fish oil, barm, minerals, inulin, Yucca Schidigera extract

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 35%, crude fat 20%, crude cellulose 2%, crude ashes 7,5%


Nutritional additives, conservatives

Vitamin A 32000 Ul/kg, vitamin D3 1600 Ul/kg, vitamin E 300 mg/kg, vitamin C 50 mg/kg, vitamin B1 7,1 mg/kg, ferrous sulfate 95 mg/kg, potassium iodide 0,9 mg/kg, cupric sulfate pentahydrate 6.7 mg/kg, manganese oxide 7,1mg/kg, zinc sulphate monohydrate 95mg/kg, sodium selenite 0,14mg/kg, taurine 2500mg/kg.

Ferret is a strictly carnivorous mammal with a very particular metabolism. It needs a specifically adapted diet. Daniel Detraz, animal nutritionist since 1973, wanted to collaborate with Doctor Danielle Marien. A renown veterinary, she has been training to take care of ferrets for more than 15 years now, and she is now able to develop a “ferret diet” that is as close as possible to the ferret’s actual physiological needs.

After numerous analyses, reflections and test phases, a formula, a “recipe” was born. A aliment with more than 75% of animal proteins (poultry, rabbit), a minimal starch contribution from rice, only grain source tolerated by ferrets and present in this croquette.

This recipe had been tested for several weeks by a panel of 70 ferrets. The results are unequivocal, Les recettes de Daniel enabled the tester (taster?) ferrets to:

-          Stimulate appetite

-          Significantly improve the fur quality

-          Maintain a fitness weight

-          Stimulate physical activity

-          Reduce the stool’s bad smells and make or dryer and more compact.

A few Q&A about this croquette:

Why fresh poultry?

Fresh poultry meat (grounded then integrated at the end of the extrusion process) is close to a BARF solution, highly digestible and particularly appetent.

Are Les recettes de Daniel super premium croquettes grain free?

Almost! The reason why is simple and veterinary. Grain free croquettes on the market contain a necessary amount of starch, only source to provide a binder and some texture to the croquette. When starch does not come from grains, it is from another source such as potatoes or peas. Now, these sources are very poorly digested by ferrets due to its very short intestine but also to the very little amount of cells that create digestive enzymes, and finally because of the low proportion of bacteria specialized in digesting aliments. Rice is thus a starch source way more digestible.

Why rice?

Rice is an ancestral grain with the specificity of being assimilated well by the ferret’s organism unlike corn, wheat or other starch sources such as potato or peas.

Why rabbit?

Ferret’s history is entirely related to rabbits. It is because of their ability to enter the burrow to eat the young rabbits and frighten the adult rabbits that they were domesticated for hunting in the first place. In English-speaking countries, rabbit is considered the most natural meat a ferret could consume.

Do Les recettes de Daniel for ferrets fit sterilized ferrets?

Well, they have a very low proportion of grain making them poor in carbohydrates. They maintain the ferret’s fitness weight and thus fit sterilized ferrets.

What’s the proportion of animal protein? 90% of the proteins contained in Les recettes de Daniel extra ferret are from animal origin.