Intestinal hygiene – Food supplement vermicelli for cats, dogs and ferrets (50 g)


Abundant in wormwood, tansy, and garlic known for their worming virtues, intestinal hygiene free your companion from the too numerous parasites in its intestine.

100% natural product

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Price per kilogram: 215.00 €/Kg

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Intestinal hygiene’s goal is mainly to maintain an intestinal balance for your dog, cat or ferret and not to eliminate entirely the intestinal flora, which would be hurtful. It is thus feasible to find parasites even though you have been using Intestinal hygiene a few times (3 to 4 times) over the year.

Nevertheless, some parasites are more tenacious and require a second run or complemented with chemical wormers in case of sickly thinness or dietary deficiencies…

The frequency of use should be implemented on the worming cycle used before the first use. While knowing that you should not entirely replace the former wormers for 1st year: ½ on first year and then take one off each year.

Intestinal hygiene is easy to use, you can include it in your pet’s meal and it is quite appetent.

Efficiency through plants: Intestinal hygiene is a particularly efficient natural product


Dogs: 10 ml for 10kgs of weight

Cats/ferrets: 2 ml for 1 kg of weight

3 or 4 times a year depending on specific needs
Reiterate 8 days after the first dose for an optimal efficiency
Can be used during gestation and milking for puppies, kittens and kit (baby ferrets)


Grains from organic agriculture, treacle from organic agriculture, biscuit, calcium carbonate, garlic, wormwood, tansy

Analytical constituents

Crude ashes 8,82%, crude protein 7,7%, fat 5,8%, cellulose 3%, Lysine E 2000 mg/kg, methionine 900 mg/kg, calcium 4400 mg/kg, magnesium 2000 mg/kg, sodium 230 mg/kg