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Articalm – Food supplement for joints issues for dogs, cats and ferrets (500 g)


Abundant in Harpagophytum, Calendula, wild pansy, thyme, juniper berry, lavender essential oils, white willow, Angélique, …etc plants well known for their analgesic and anti-inflammatory virtues, Articalm calms acute or chronic pain allowing your companion to move easily and giving it a satisfactory joint mobility.

Natural product

Also available in 200 g packaging


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Notre composition

Articalm brings important proportions of glucosamine and chondroitin of marine origin that are in the natural composition of the joints and are thus easily absorbed.

Oligo elements such as zinc, copper and manganese, chelated for a perfect absorption and sulfur on organic support, all contained in Articalm are essential to elasticity, integrity and fabric of joint.

Joint disappearance involves osteoarthritis and rebuilding it takes a long time and is never completely finished. Using Articalm allows to reduce the pain and preserve the mobility while rebuilding the faulty cartilage. Articalm is also to be used as a maintenance product before the first signs, because repair can be long and expensive compared to prevention.

The goal: maintain flexibility in order to postpone aging effect as long as possible.

Articalm is a natural product known for its efficiency! Plants such as Harpagophytum, wild pansy, Angélique, calendula have acknowledged virtues as anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-rheumatism…


Dogs: 5 grams for 10 kg / dog

Cat/ferrets: 1 gram for 1 kg / cat or ferret

2 or 3 times a year depending on needs, for a 15 days cure or continuously for elder animals.

For first use and if necessary, double the ration on first week


Glucosamine sulphate 50 000 mg/kg and chondroitin sulphate 30 000 mg/kg, corn from organic agriculture, biscuit, Harpagophytum, calendula, wild pansy, thyme, juniper berry, lavender essential oils, white willow, Angélique


MSM: 70 000 mg, E5 manganese (Amino acids manganese chelate, hydrated): 1500 mg, E6 zinc (amino acids zinc chelate, hydrated): 1500 mg, E4 copper (amino acids copper chelate, hydrated): 500 mg

Analytical constituents

Crude ashes 6,35%, crude protein 6,15%, fat 4,20%, cellulose 1,43%, Lysine 1890 mg/kg, methionine 1500 mg/kg, calcium 2500 mg/kg, magnesium 1200 mg/kg, sodium 340 mg/kg.