Antler chews for dogs (Extra Large)


Stag antler is a natural source of essential minerals for your dog.

It contains:

-          Collagen, good for bones, ligaments and tendons
-          Lipids, an essential contribution for growth and development
-          Calcium and phosphor, beneficial for bones and fangs
-          Potassium, for a good efficiency of the nervous and muscular system
-          Magnesium that facilitates recovery after exercise

It contributes to the regeneration of joints and the good running of the renal function.

Cleans fangs

Non-allergenic and odorless

Does not contain conservatives

The anter’s size should be adaptad to your companion’s jaw.

From antler that fell during the year

For large dogs and medium sized dogs with a strong jaw: Braque, Labrador, Bouvier, great Schnauzer, Husky, Malamute …etc.

In any case, the angler should be adapted to your dog’s mastication power. It can vary from one dog to another, even within the same breed depending on the needs it has and the interest it gives to the antler.

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