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Cod liver oil – Food supplement for dogs and cats (5l)


Cod liver oil from Espace Passion France is an emulsion of cod liver oil and fish oil.

Through machine processing the oil is more appetent and is absorbed more easily by your companion.

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Also available in 1L packaging.

Fabriquée en France


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Nutritional interests: Rich in AGPI (polyunsaturated fat acids omega 3: EPA / DHA), the cod liver oil and fish oil give the animal skin the brilliance of wellness.

During the mating period, the tone of the animal is visible. The calorific contribution enables the animal to express their whole potential.


Cod liver oil extracted from the cast of fresh livers: 20% fish oil / 20% marine minerals / 5% water


Spread Cod liver oil over the food (croquette), or in the drinking water of your pet (cod liver oil is diluted in water)