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Salmon oil – Food supplement for dogs (5L)


Our food supplement from a salmon oil base, abundant in Omega 3 and in Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

Highly digestible, salmon oil can be given daily as an additive to the regular feeding program of your dog/cat. Vitamin A has a beneficial action over bones’ operation and reinforce visual abilities. As for vitamin D, its eases calcium assimilation and fixation to the bone structure

This pure salmon oil is a high quality energy source that slowly and progressively spreads into the organism. It give better stamina and more vitality to working/active dogs:... More details

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Price per liter: 9.15 €/L

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This food supplement also helps to maintain an excellent overall health, guarantees joint mobility and flexibility and generates a good bloodstream for dogs and cats.

Salmon oil is easily assimilated by the organism and also contains essential fat acids that contribute to the good running of nerve cells. It thins membranes that enable the development and operation of the nervous system.

It also helps to strengthen natural barriers, even more for puppies or young dogs. It is an ideal supplement to replace mother’s milk, salmon oil is a natural way to strengthen your dog after weaning.



Omega 3 (EPA 3-5%, DHA 4-6%) and Omega 6 (6%)